Alamance County Family Abuse Services

Kevin Dull, EnviroSafe’s President/CEO is the founder and chairperson of The Volunteer Court Navigator Program, funded by the Governor's Crime Commission. The program was created to assist victims of domestic violence through the civil and criminal court process. In 2011 Alamance County conducted a community assessment which concluded that domestic violence was 4th for a social issue and key community members observed how arduous the process is for victims. They noticed that the 50B filing, hearing, and criminal court processes are often very confusing and overwhelming for victims. Funding was granted in April 2012 and started in July 2012 with the hiring of the Program Supervisor, Bethany Sanford. Through July and September, she worked on the training for volunteers, and in October, she recruited and trained the first round of eight volunteers. By November, the volunteers began to work with clients. As of April 2017, there has been a second round of volunteer training and currently, there are 55 trained volunteers that are being paired with clients. The Volunteer Court Navigator Program has successfully served over 250 clients through both the civil and criminal court process.

Alamance County LEPC

Kevin Dull, EnviroSafe’s President/CEO recently retired as the chairperson for the Alamance County Local Emergency Planning Committee after 33 years as chairperson. The LEPC is a funded entity that has a full-time Chemical Planner and full-time Planner on staff along with administrative support.

Ralph Scott Life Services Inc.

Kevin Dull, EnviroSafe’s President/CEO has been selected to serve on the Board of Directors with Ralph Scott Life Services Inc. To find out more information about this non-profit entity please visit