EnviroSafe provides DHS-compliant exercises ranging from seminars to full-scale exercises.  Both government and private entities have used EnviroSafe to provide their exercise needs across North America. Whether it is an exercise for a natural disaster or active threat/terrorism, EnviroSafe is the best in the business.  All exercises are HSEEP compliant

Public Health, Hospital, Healthcare Coalition Preparedness

EnviroSafe specializes in the Healthcare Industry in many preparedness, training, and planning disciplines.  Working with hospitals or Regional entities, EnviroSafe has over 20 years experience in the healthcare field


Envirosafe's Planning Division specializes in specific planning projects such as COOP's, Emergency Action Plans, CMS compliant healthcare plans, etc.


EnviroSafe specializes in Hazard Vulnerability Assessments, Contingency Plan Assessments, and many other assessment needs. Our experts have over 20 years experience in providing to the government, healthcare, and private industry assessment needs

Enterprise Crisis Management and Retainer Program

Using the Crisis Management Model, EnviroSafe develops, trains, and exercises private sector entities in formal Crisis Management programs. This has proven to reduce cost, reputational risks, and reduce downtime with companies that have implemented a program

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