Crisis Management Programs

Due to recent large-scale events impacting infrastructure, agencies need to be better prepared to respond to a crisis. EnviroSafe builds capabilities to effectively manage these crisis situations through an Enterprise Crisis Management Program Model. Providing a framework of responsibilities from which essential employees work to prepare and respond to a crisis.

3 functional groups should be established within the organization during times of crisis:

  • Crisis Executive Group
  • Operational Response Group
  • Crisis Communications Group

Emergency Management Retainer Program

It has been the pleasure of EnviroSafe over the past 22 years to work with a multitude of clients on the forefront of Emergency Preparedness. Over the years we have been requested to develop or assist with all aspects of a Comprehensive Emergency Management program from emergency operations plans and annexes, task level checklists, workshops, and training, to exercise development and facilitation to name just a few. In that time we have learned that our client, EnviroSafe, and our product are often constrained by individual or small project scope of works or timeframes that do not allow the natural flow of information and team cohesion that produces useful, realistic, and practical policies and plans that create a solid foundation for a strong Emergency Management Program.

EnviroSafe is pleased to offer an Emergency Management Retainer services for many areas such as Institutions of Higher Education, K-12 schools, Medical facilities, and Industry. This retainer service offers annual deliverables supported by routine access, and emergency access if desired, to our staff. Access ranges from regular on-site work to electronic access with phone, email, video conferencing etc. The retainer allows our staff to become one of your team members enabling us to learn more about your organization and produce valuable results.

The retainer service can have increased value with discounted a la carte services such as exercise development and conduct.

EnviroSafe can recommend the number of days on site after an assessment of the program.  We would also be on call 24/7 for emergency response.

Find A Downloadable PDF Of Our Crisis Management Services Here.